Claire Spake designed Yoke-ulele Foodie Music card


Claire Spake food cards

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A card designed by Claire Spake, featuring a Yoke-ulele foodie musician cartoon.


The card is cello-wrapped with envelope and measures 17cm x 12cm.


The rest of the range is:-

Clarinut (an unshelled peanut playing the clarinet)

Crumpeter (a buttered crumpet playing the trumpet)

Drum Roll (a chocolate swiss roll playing the drums)

Flute Cocktail (a fruit cocktail in a glass playing the flute)

Pianotorte (a slice of gateau playing the piano)

Salsa Dancing (two salsa filled tortillas dancing)

Saxoscone (a cream and jam filled scone playing the saxophone)

We’re Jammin’ (two jammie dodgers playing guitar)

Yoke-ulele (a fried egg playing the ukulele)


All cards are sent by First Class post in the UK

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