A range of Jill Latter designed Musical Cat notepads-Drum Roll!

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Drum Roll Musical cat notepad

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A cello-sleeved Drum Roll design notepad, reproduced from an original watercolour by Jill Latter

featuring a cat clinging onto a rolling bass drum on the front cover and each sheet.


The notepad measures approximately 14cm x 7cm.


Accompanies the greeting cards and coasters listed separately.


The range is as follows:-

Big Bang Theory (three cats playing with cymbals and a triangle)

Brassed Off! (a cat looking out the top of a bell of a brass instrument)

Cats in the Belfry (two cats swinging on the church bells)

Creative Paws (a cat composing a tune with paw prints as notes)

Haydn! (two cats playing inside a Grand Piano)

Highly Strung (a cat perched precariously on the top of a Double Bass)

Magnificat (a cat sitting proud on the organ manual)

Magnum O-pus (a monocled cat sitting on torn up manuscripts)

Miseri Chord (three cats meoowing discordantly)

Moonlight Sonata (two cats on a wall under the moon and stars)

Multi Tracking (a cat mixing on the turntable)

Musical Rest (a cat asleep on top of the tubular bells)

Organ Stop (a cat lying across the organ manual)

Purrfect Pitch (a cat asleep in front of two choristers)

Scotland The Brave ! (a couple of cats playing with a set of bagpipes)

Variations on a Theme (three cats playing with a harp)



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